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Can I Buy My Own Tarot Cards?



Unlearning A Myth




There has been a myth going around for years that a person should not buy their own tarot deck and that they must be gifted to you or they should be stolen. Let me just tell you this is sooooooo not true. Can you buy your own tarot deck? YES! Yes you can buy your own tarot deck! Yes, a thousand times yes, just do not steal it. Buying your own deck will not create bad luck but stealing them is certainly bound to create lots of negativity surrounding them which in turn could create bad “luck”. 


I did a bit of research in trying to find out where this superstition started and it seems as though we may never know. The common consensus is that it is not a very old myth but perhaps only started a few decades ago when tarot cards were not as mass produced as they are now, or perhaps maybe, people made this up to dissuade others from spending their money on something they didn’t agree with. Let’s just pretend it never happened. 


Researching and looking at all the different cards is definitely a fun and exciting part of the whole process so don’t let yourself miss out on that. There are so many wonderful and beautiful decks out there and what speaks to one person may not speak to another.  Some of us want traditional, nostalgic cards and some of us want modern, minimalistic cards. That’s the beauty in the process of doing research.  New tarot decks are released every month, so if you don’t see something you are drawn to right away don’t be discouraged.

So with all that being said, it is a very nice gesture to want to gift someone their first tarot deck, so please know you can absolutely do that.  Maybe you know what they had in mind or if not, you could give them a gift card to their favorite metaphysical store and they can pick out the cards perfect for them.