Thoughts for the New Year

[A]Ah, welcome to that awkward week of the year, the week between the holidays and the new year. The week where we are shedding the past and contemplating what is to come.  We look back to this week last year almost thinking how naive we were. We planned trips, gatherings, holidays, new businesses, etc., only to have the pandemic take over our lives and render us incapable of doing most of the things we were so excited about planning. We have lost and gained family and friends, lost and gained jobs, but many of us have also taken our spiritual practices to a whole new level.

[H]ave you studied this year and learned things that are valuable to your practice? If so, are you sharing what you have learned with others? Are you finding out what works for you and what doesn’t? Being a solitary myself, I like to share what works for me but also with a disclaimer that what works for me may not be what works for you or that goes in the direction you have in mind for yourself.  I like to take things from different modalities and blend them together into something for myself regardless if others think I might be doing it wrong.

[G]rowing up in a very conservative missionary Baptist household I was always told what to believe and now I don’t want anyone telling me what  I feel is right for me is wrong.  Yes, of course in Traditional Wicca there are certain steps one must take and certain protocols to follow but if you aren’t concerned with joining a coven or joining the Wicca religion, I say do what feels right to you.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate and your tools don’t have to be fancy but if you want that, that’s ok too.  I would recommend reading as much as possible to see what aspects of witchcraft or spirituality speak to you.  Wicca is a religion. Witchcraft is a practice.  You can practice witchcraft without being Wiccan.

[D]on’t let someone else’s ego bring you down.  It’s ok for them to feel passionate about what they practice but it’s not ok for them to make you feel bad or inadequate about what works for you just because it doesn’t follow what they preach. 

Remember we are always here for you at the shop.  Much love!




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