Forest Witch

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5 ml glass bottle w/ dropper cap

The Forest Witch not only lives in the forest, she is part of it. She has become so much a part of it that she has twigs for fingernails and the soles of her feet have roots growing out of them. She uses vines to tie up her hair and her dress is made form moss and ferns. She is always covered in dirt and mud and her eyes are as dark as black obsidian. She only takes from the forest what it offers and for that the forest feeds her power. The trees share their ancient wisdom with her. The earth absorbs her pain. The plants teach her how to heal and the animals share their medicine with her. 

HagRoot created this oil to transport you out of this fast paced world and into one that is full of magick, natural healing and ancient knowledge. 

Pinion pine, cedar, moss and patchouli were used to create a scent that will have you feeling like the forest is with you. 

HagRoot oils are intuitively blended and infused with intention that they will aid you in manifesting what you are seeking.

These oils are created to blend with your body chemistry so they will be unique to everyone that wears them. These oils can also be used to anoint your altar tools or used in a bath to create a sacred bathing experience. 

These oils are not meant to be used in a diffuser, taken internally or on anything with a flame. 

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