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SEREIN / At Peace Drops

This serenity formula brings us into the moment. It calms us. It slows us down. It regulates our nervous system, relieving anxious feelings and a worried mind. And in addition to all of this, it has to power to bring restoration, strength and nourishment to our organ system. Its purpose is to help your nervous system move from an exhausted state into a resting, digesting, repairing response. Serein quiets an anxious mind; redirecting its focus from being wasted on external noise and stress.


+ Relaxes the whole being
+ Calms nerve tone
+ Strengthens, nourishes, and replenishes a worn-out nervous system
+ Reduces muscle tension
+ Relieves circular thoughts and wakeful nights


15-30 drops as desired


Sweet and herbaceous with a floral finish


Centered, cozy and calm

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