Madame Pamita Powerful Protection Oil

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You are wrapped in safety; there is nothing that can harm you. Create a cloak of protection around you so that your enemies cannot find you. When you feel as if someone or something is working against you, you can place a powerful aura of protection around you.

Powerful Protection oil is used in spells to:

  • Protect you from negative energies

  • Make you invisible to your enemies

  • Give you a sense of safety when you feel threatened

  • Shield you from random stray negativity that may be floating around

  • Guard you against spiritual attacks

  • Protect you from jealousy or the evil eye

  • Keep meddling people out of your business

  • Create a circle of safety around your property or your posessions

Black Pepper has long been used in spells to create a shield and prevent your enemies from harming you. Powerful Protection oil contains a proprietary formula of essential oils, phthalate-free fragrance, gemstones, and herbs, including black pepper, in a luxurious cosmetic-grade fractionated coconut oil base to block negative energies and make you invisible to your enemies.

Each bottle is packaged with a dropper top to make it easy to control how much you use. The scent of incense and woods will feel like a cloak of protection around you as soon as you use it.

Anoint yourself with this oil, dress candles, or add it to your bath. Oils are one of the most versatile magical tools available.

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