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5 ml glass bottle w/ dropper cap

Ritual is an intriguing and mystical fragrance created to be work as a daily ritual. Sometimes just the simple act of putting on a special fragrance each day can realign us with the energies of the universe, the divine feminine and our spirit. 

This is a good oil to use when you are feeling a disconnect between your mind and your heart or when you are feeling disconnected from everything. It is also good to let go of the past and things or people that no longer benefit your life so that you can clear your energy field for things, thoughts and people that will enrich your life and bring you fulfillment. 

Ritual is an oil that will call you to wear it when it is needed. 

Ritual is a magickal blend of ancient woods, aged leather, a hint of narcissus and a faint dusting of sweetness. 

HagRoot oils are intuitively blended and infused with intention that they will aid you in manifesting what you are seeking.

These oils are created to blend with your body chemistry so they will be unique to everyone that wears them. These oils can also be used to anoint your altar tools or used in a bath to create a sacred bathing experience. 

These oils are not meant to be used in a diffuser, taken internally or on anything with a flame. 

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