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Sea botanicals and Labdanum

Siren is a wild and daring fragrance. Inspired by the sirens of Greek mythology this is a complex fragrance reminiscent of the Mediterranean Sea. It evokes the sensual perfume of deep sea botanicals, rocky cliffs, and the warm sandy breeze of an enchanted and treacherous island. The bold ocean aroma of Siren is balanced by labdanum, a resin of the cistus ladanifer shrub. Often referred to as rockrose, this native Mediterranean shrub blooms beautiful flowers in shades of pink and white. Its resin, labdanum, has a heady and deep aroma perceived in notes of rich leather and amber layered with honey-like sweetness and hints of plum. Siren is a truly unique fragrance. Its invigorating aroma may strengthen your resistance to a siren’s enthrallment. Then again, it probably won’t. No one escapes the lethal song of the siren.

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